There are no up-front charges required to place accounts with us. Fees are assessed only when money is collected.  We will not propose the lowest rates just to get your business, and then work only the accounts that will provide us with the greatest fees. We will propose a rate that is fair and collect all accounts–whether they are small or large.  Assign your past due account to our full-service collection recovery program and we will immediately commence collecting your account.
As consumers increasingly pick and choose which bills to pay, collectors must adapt.  We will not intimidate or harass your customer into making payment.  Our professional staff will perform skip tracing using multiple databases, attempt telephone contact and payment remedies.  We will inform your customer that unless reasonable payments are tendered, the account will be reported to the three national reporting agencies: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.  If your customer delivers reasonable payment, we will not report; however, if payment is not delivered or if we cannot contact your customer, the account will be reported to the agencies for up to seven years from the date the obligation was made.
We have discovered most clients prefer a softer approach to debt collection.  This fact is especially true in today’s environment when customer retention is vital to the continued success of every business.  However, if your customer refuses our offer to deliver a reasonable payment and if we discover your customer’s assets, we will file litigation (with no cost to you) and upon judgment, levy all assets.
Pre-Collection Service
Many clients do not have the time to collect past due accounts or would like to reduce the size of their in-house debt recovery staff. Many clients do not have the time to collect past due accounts or would like to reduce the size of their in-house recovery staff. To these and all of our clients we offer a free 10-day letter service on all placements. Structurally, we deliver to you a statement listing the names of your obligor(s) along with the date we mailed a dunning notice to each obligor. If the obligor pays any sum within the first 10-days to Statewide or to the client the client retains the full payment. Commencing on day eleven the account goes into full collection with regular 35% contingency fee. We are professional and courteous with your former client(s) and understand you want to retain them as customers. There is no fee for the pre-collect service.