As Joe Friday famously said “The names have been changed to protect the innocent”.  Most clients do not want their company name revealed.

Pacific Service Credit Union: ‘We have listed our delinquent business accounts with them for over 15 years. They respond in a timely fashion and have always achieved outstanding results’.

Dental Client: ‘I have had patients tell me they cannot believe how nice they are and that they have never dealt with a nice collection agency before. And guess what, after those patients pay the agency they come back!’

Dental Client: ‘We recently switched to The Redding Collection Bureau and are in the early stages of our business relationship, but have been very pleased with the transition. They are organized and easy to approach. In fact, collection recovery is more than the recovery from the agency we had listed accounts with for years. Their sales rep stops by whenever we have accounts for collection; I highly recommend this company’.

Medical Client: ‘I was so impressed with the way you handled my personal collection account placed with your agency (which I paid over time) that I assigned to your company my medical office past due accounts’.

Attorney Client: ‘They are a trusted friend in collections and we feel confident with their decisions relating to our business partnership. They know what to do’.

Indemnity Agent Client: ‘We had been using them for years but left when another collection agency offered us what we thought was a better deal. Well, the other collection agency collected some of our accounts (less than we received from Statewide) but never paid us-they stole all of our money. Lesson learned: don’t trust every sales call or web page you read on the internet. We returned to Statewide and they picked up where we left off. I also appreciate their attorney, I can call with a question and if he is too busy, he will always call me back. Can’t get that anywhere else!’